Monday, February 9, 2015

Poly Portrait - 1st Attempt


Watched a video on youtube on how to make a poly portrait then I decided to try it for myself.
To be honest it is really time consuming and at the end it is really annoying.

I started with making small triangle on the face are. Then, as I moved to the hair and body it is really tiring. You can probably see the different between the hair and facial area. 

Since, I was really tired I just used bigger triangles on the hair. As you can see the hair part is not really nice. The tie and blazer as well is not that nice either.

Whoever wanted to try doing this I suggest that try on animal picture first once you get a hang of this then move to human portrait. Plus used a high resolution and sharp photo. It will be easier. Smaller triangles make better photo. 

The link below is the youtube tutorial I refer to. 


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